Welcome to Access Industrial

Founded in 1993, we are industrial maintenance contractors, specialising in corrosion prevention and control through surface preparation and protective coatings application. 

According to a study by the University of Adelaide, Corrosion and environmental degradation is responsible for financial losses of approximately 4% of Australia's GDP every year (equating to $54 billion in 2012). Corrosion sensitive plant and infrastructure, therefore, needs to be protected to prevent the loss of capacity, productivity, and profit.

We are industry experts in all types of abrasive blasting media and are equipped with a substantial mobile fleet, and a large blast facility, located at Techport in South Australia.

We also lead the industry in the application of specialised protective coatings, working frequently with global coatings companies to trial the application of new products and technologies.

Working closely with all stakeholders, our management team and skilled workforce strive to exceed customer expectations and achieve the highest quality across all aspects of our business. At Access Industrial, we welcome a challenge and embrace innovation to find solutions, implement procedures, and execute strategies that allow us to succeed, whilst performing to the highest safety standards.

Our services:

  • Abrasive, vacuum blasting, dry ice blasting, dustless, sponge & water blasting.
  • Containment and dust control systems.
  • Application and supply of protective, specialist coatings, sealants and membranes.
  • Asset protection and maintenance.
  • Shut downs and remote work.
  • Spray facility for plant, equipment and vehicles.
  • Fit-out and fabrication services.


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